Tara Jamora Oppen

About Me

Tara is a freelance director and actor. She is presently working on various online productions and on developing various organizations aimed at theatre for community development.

Photographed by: Matt Lee Shoots
Photo by Matt Lee Shoots
Photographed by: Matt Lee Shoots

Artist's Bio

Tara Jamora Oppen’s craft is dedicated to making a way for the voiceless to be heard. Through storytelling, she seeks to provide an avenue for those whose ideas are often overlooked and allow people to gain insight from perspectives they may have never previously encountered.

Tara graduated from the BFA Theatre Arts Program as Magna Cum Laude and Program Awardee from the Ateneo De Manila University in 2020.

During her time at the university, she was part of various theatre organizations, including Tanghalang Ateneo and Ateneo Blue Repertory. She played various roles in production and performance in different shows of these organizations. Some of her most notable works include: Antigone vs. the People of the Philippines (2019), an adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone cited in the Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of the honorable mentions of the “Best of Theatre in 2019” under the “Best Works” category; and a devised piece entitled A Woman’s Place, which she devised and performed, alongside her other colleagues, at the Asian Pacific Bond of Schools Festival.

Currently, Tara is a freelance director and actor and is the Externals Manager for Sightlines Actors Space. She is also the founder and a pioneer of Jungle Gym Play Laboratory. You will most likely find her obsessing over a new hyper-fixation which could be a band, a video game, a new gadget, or an animated show.

Artist's Statement

My work is dedicated to discovering and celebrating human relationships and connections, through the presentation of world views through storytelling. It aims to be an opportunity to empower the voiceless and be a meeting ground for different forms of understanding to meet and discourse.

I am inspired by human convictions and biases, and how these convictions motivate actions and delineate individual identities. I am driven by the need to present these differences in belief, and through the presentation of their collisions, disrupt the walls that separate people created by these biases. I aim to use art, theatre, and music as a safe ground to discuss world views, with the hope of finding the fundamental aspects that bind humans, regardless of their beliefs, ideas, or walks of life.


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